Health Studies
The Health Secrets of Tai Chi
Lu Zijian
Meet Master Lu Zijian.
No, not really- he's dead now.
Died at the tender age of 118... (yes, really)
And while he no doubt had medical issues you would expect at that age... 
He was far from disabled- 
He was a true Grandmaster martial artist that continued his practice until his death.
And he was not alone.
Many of the Chinese grandmasters, and their students live well into their 80s & 90s- not without medical problems... but often in spite of them.
Even more than that- they live well, and have better mobility than most men in their 30s.
Now, surely genetics is at play here- I'm not even going to debate that.
But then, there's me.
So, picture me as a young teenager-
Quickly becoming aware that I've already attended 2 funerals for my grandparents- and they were only in their early 50s.
My father didn't get much further.
I started to do some math, and figured if those genetics hold true, a third of my life is already over.
And it gets worse...
One morning, my mother commented on my hands- 
She saw the twists and bends my fingers took...  I got the family curse- osteo arthritis- and she asked me if they hurt yet.
I didn't have to be an adult yet to put two and two together. 
I got the bad end of a genetic joke on both sides of my family.
And so, from a young age, I was already looking at Tai Chi- because I didn't want to be in pain for the rest of my... what already seemed to be a short life.
And in my 20s... Diabetes.
Not the easy kind to deal with-
No, diet had nothing to do with this one. I have Type 1 Diabetes-
I have to take Insulin because my immune system can't tell the difference between it and the flu.
So I guess at least that part of me is strong-
So how am I still alive?
I've met a lot of people with less than half my problems that just decided 
"well, my body's falling apart- I might as well just give up."
And if that's how you think about yourself- you might as well just quit reading now because nothing I can say will make you get over that.
But now that the pity party is on their way out, I'll give the rest of you the secret-
I'll tell you why I'm not just alive- 
But strong as an ox, and a lot healthier in my 50s than most people are in their 30s.
The secret is INTERNAL POWER.
It's not just Tai Chi- and standing out in the park waving your arms for 20 minutes a day isn't going to give that to you.
It's what Tai Chi TEACHES you to do. Not just with the form. With everything.
It's there when you get out of bed- 
When you brush your teeth-
When you buy your groceries.
It's with you every moment of the day, because when you train it- it becomes you.
It's not some mystical force that just comes to you when you just "TAI CHI EVERY DAY."
It's the skill of moving your mind and body in harmony.
And when everyone thinks "internal power is why the old masters are so dangerous"- they're missing one part.
It's why those masters got old in the first place. And it's why they're still teaching.
The Martial Secrets of Tai Chi are ALSO the Health Secrets
They are one and the same- 
and if you ever meet someone telling you they have the health side without the martial side- 
Because it's not about pounding on people all day long.
It's about using your body the way it was meant to be used-
It's about getting out of your own way, and finding effortless ways to do what others struggle with.
And Even Those of Us That Lost The Genetic Lottery Can Use It
And you don't have to hurt yourself training it.
And you don't have to lose your mind hunting for it
And right now- you don't even have to open your wallet to get it.
Because I'm offering you my Practical Guide to Internal Power ABSOLUTELY FREE
Inside, you'll learn the stepping stones to Tai Chi for health and vitality.
And while some of the training might seem weird at first-
I promise you-
If you work the material- you'll FEEL the results!
So what are you waiting for?
Click the button and try it out.
or don't-
I'm sure you know where that leads you.
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